How will you benefit by going to the gym regularly? Improve your mental health!
Using the gym puts you in touch with other users and can help boost your social life and the way you feel about yourself. Regular gym use can also help prevent the onset of depression, calm you and make you feel content and happy.

Be heart healthy
Exercising regularly at the gym makes your heart strong and allows it to pump efficiently with less strain. Exercising at the gym will often help reduce your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. Using the gym regularly for 30-45 minutes will help cut your risk of developing heart diseases or a stroke.

Control weight gain
Using the gym regularly has the added benefit of helping you in weight control. Losing 3000-3500 calories per week will help you shape up if overweight. Losing a moderate amount of weight coupled with a proper diet can help reduce your chances of developing serious weight related complications.

Strength training at the gym coupled with aerobic exercise will help maintain your muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. and make you stronger and flexible.

The CSC gymnasium has been built to very high standards with your requirements in mind and consists of two main sections.

  • The cardio section is equipped with,
  • Treadmills
  • Cross trainers
  • Exercise bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • The weights section is equipped with,
  • Multi Gym Smith Machine
  • Dumb bells
  • Parallel and Chin up bars
  • Hip abduction/ Adduction machine